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Home of S.W.A.T.!!!-FatherDon_ds
Welcome to the new home of Delta Squad S.W.A.T.! The page still needs a lot of work so look for updates very soon!


GoG Cheating Editoral!!!-Striker_ds
Diseased of Gathering of Guilds has written a lengthy editorial about Cheating in the Gaming Industy, it totals 4 pages in length, if you have the time its a great read. Check it out here! It is well writen and covers many of the points of cheating on Bnet. I encourage all members to read it!!!

Information taken from

More Bnet Trouble!!!-FatherDon_ds
I have recieved reports that half of the servers starcraft and 1/3 of the diablo servers will be down for upgrades wednesday april 5th, so get ready for some lag!

I'm back!!! -Striker_ds
I can finally update the news again!! I'm sure you all just can't wait for more useless information =D Please send all, if any, news to the Contact Us. I'd like to have more news available for you guys. Also, we just need 2 more members to sign up for our Tournament. Don't miss out!!!


Tournament Sign Up!!!-Striker_ds
We still need a couple more people to sign up for the DS 1v1 tournament. Prizes will be promotion, award by your members name, and your name posted here for a while. Please sign up by click the Tournaments Section on the side bar. We still need more, but spots are filling up fast!!! The time will be posted after enough sign up, so go sign up!!! Remember, this is a DS members only tournament!!! There will be open ones in the future!!!

Bnet Trouble!!! -Striker_ds
Recently, rooms have been going insane and Blizzard posted this explaination:

Over the last 48 hours you may have noticed chat room splits on The problem was caused by a misconfiguration in the server settings due to recent upgrades. The problem has now been fixed and we apologize for any problems you may have experienced.

Information taken from Battle.Net

The USCC!!-Trooper_ds
We are starting to make the USCC (United StarCraft Clans Confederation) This would entail a huge alliance between a large amount of clans, like a UN, for clans to join and be protected so they could start, keep warring ones away, let people play, and have fun! Any and all ideas on this or suggestions please contact me or Striker_ds

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